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Introductory Options

Get a taste of the Light You Cast Curriculum with a single session or by experiencing the core curriculum

The Light You Cast Keynote Talks

Inspiring talks for large groups covering some of the core topics of burnout and soul restoration. Click to see examples of topics or request topic tailored to your care workers.


The Light You Cast Core Curriculum

Support your care workers with a package that includes all 8 of The Light You Cast™ foundational trainings or chose a la cart style. Trainings can be delivered individually or packaged into several strategic sessions.


The Light You Cast Yoga & Movement

We bring the countless benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and movement to you! Core concepts of The Light You Cast™ curriculum delivered through a movement-based experience. Site-based classed can compliment any in-person or online The Light You Cast™ curriculum offerings, or they can be offered stand-alone experiences that promote mental and physical health for your staff during a special event or in a sustained, ongoing way.

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The Light You Cast Soul Circles

TLYC Soul Circles are how we intentionally create and integrate safe spaces of healing through communities of practice inside our systems of care.

Book a Free Consultation

Schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 with Dr. Jen to learn more about how we can undo burnout in your team or organization.

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