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The Light You Cast 
Online Curriculum


Support yourself or all of your caregivers with an easy access, self-paced resource that provides sustained and structured 

mental health, emotional resilience, relational health, and energy and burnout awareness support that is time efficient and cost effective.

*Our original ONLINE curriculum that generated so much buzz, The Present Teacher Restoration Project, is being fully updated and energized with resources on burnout prevention that are inclusive of all caregiving roles!

The Light You CastTM Online curriculum will be available in August 2024.


Behind the scenes production of

The Light You CastTM

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 5.01.18 PM.png

Kathy makes a guest appearance in each of the 8 movement modules-guiding us through her MoveMindfully practices!

Kathy Flaminio is in the house!

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 5.02.22 PM.png

Module 7 Movement Video

Our new set!

*Fun fact-- the original training, The Present Teacher Restoration Project, was shot in front of a white wall in my house. This is better! 


More Friends!

Dr. Nuhu Sims and I love any opportunity to connect & co-teach about soul health and social justice


The man making the magic come to life!

Jerome Melo

Jerome Melo at MeloMultimedia--  creative, kind, and oh so patient with all my many re-takes.

Designed for Times of Need

COVID was the catalyst that inspired an innovative outreach of the work of 

The Light You Cast™ ONLINE, SELF-PACED curriculum.


Prior to COVID, all of our trainings were designed for and delivered in-person. When COVID hit, burnout, secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, and moral injury spiked for our nation's caregivers while in many industries like education and public health, bodies were not meeting in physical spaces any longer.


Never had there been a greater time of need when it came burnout prevention and soul restoration professional development that was:







Sustained for Times of Necessity

The Light You Cast™ ONLINE, SELF-PACED training was innovated out of necessity for equitable and immediate mental and emotional health support for our caregivers during COVID.

Our research confirmed that we do not need a pandemic to justify the necessity of on-going and sustained mindbodysoul health support for our caregivers. 


Based on a salutogenic approach to caregiver wellness that focuses on the origins, manifestations, and impacts of health, resilience, and core assets, The Light You Cast™ is a sustained and supportive invitation to engage in research-based preventative and restorative mind and body practices that allow the busy caregiver a consistent and manageable dose of healing, inspiration, and knowledge that enables them to manage the dis-ease of burnout while they strategically magnify their greatest assets as a caregiver:





Perspective Taking


"I will rewatch all of the lessons!

I actually feel like a healed person."

High School Educator

 Core Restoration Practices

The Light You Cast™ ONLINE, SELF-PACED curriculum guides the caregiver through (8) interactive and engaging modules where they explore the

3 R's of caregiver mindbodysoul well-being:

 Core Re-Finement Cycle

If we want to be fine through the stress of our profession, we need to re-fine our awareness of the energetic cycle that either feeds burnout or fuels burning bright. 

The Light You Cast™ 
self-paced, online curriculum is a systematic process of (8) sequential modules that intricately build on each other to create a cumulative effect of sustainable and stable energy restoration and revitalization of the caregiver. 

Awareness and embodied practice is the antidote to burning out.

Colorful Process Pie Chart (1).png

Healing Pillar

 Regulate Nervous System | Restore Rhythm of the Body

Engage trauma-informed, body-centered "pressure relief valve" practices that harmonize, soothe, and regulate the mindbodysoul system. 


Healing Pillar

 Making Meaning | Integration

Consciously metabolize

mental and emotional stress through our signature cognitive - behavioral Burn Clean Process to build resilience, self-confidence, mental agility, emotional literacy, and behavioral patterns that align with core worth and values.


Healing Pillar

 Connection with Others

Cultivate social intelligence and relationship skills to see, sense and respond to another's behavioral cues without taking it personally while creating resonate relationship patterns where others feel seen and safe.

Training Delivery

The Light You Cast™ ONLINE, SELF-PACED curriculum is a series of (8) 40 minute 

easy to digest modules that guide the caregiver on a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization at their own pace and on their own timeline.

Caregivers learn our signature "Burn Clean" process and practices so to transform their relationship with work related stress and metabolize it into energetic fuel to brighten their light of presence, compassion, empathy, and resonance.

Each module includes:

(8) 15 minute



designed to melt tension, reduce cortisol levels, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, soothe an overactive mind, and elevate the mood.

 MoveMindfully® practices guided by Kathy Flaminio are included in each movement video!

(8) 25 minute



with the most current research, insight, and mindfulness based cognitive-behavioral practices to name and reframe challenging negative thinking, feeling, and behavior cycles that drive burnout and compassion fatigue. 

(8) Downloadable




with beautiful, handmade illustrations by Minneapolis-based artist, Jinjer Markley, that bring the core concepts and practices to life and provide concrete strategies that can be immediately applied to one's professional or personal context. 



that align to the module topic to extend the learning, interaction, and integration of the module concepts for those wanting to take a deeper dive into any of the module topics.

Signature Practice

The Light You CastONLINE, SELF-PACED curriculum is designed to be a slow and low dose of strategic, sustained support that intentionally and scientifically cultivates the core competencies of:

 * Soul Health *

Body trust, self-trust, self-authority, and self-witnessing


* Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) *

Self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills,

social awareness


* ​Mindful Awareness *

Attention, intention, attitude


* Resonance and Restorative Practices *

Self-awareness, perspective taking, truth telling, integrity, unconditional positive regard

Burn Clean.png

Signature Curriculum Series


Banishing Burnout Through Balance and Boundaries

Burnout is protective- not defective. In fact, burnout is a sign that your mindbodysoul system is attempting to regain energy and internal balance. Balance is a state in which opposing forces on an object are harmonized to reach equilibrium so that the object is stable and not about to fall over. We need "opposing forces" of pressure and stress to achieve balance and inner harmony. Our inner system is designed to be beautifully in balance and re-establish its natural set-point of inner harmony when external pressures exert force upon it. In this module, caregivers will be guided to remember and reconnect with what inner harmony and balance feels like in their bodies while they discover how to leverage stress as the necessary catalyst to create balance and boundaries that allow one to feel more (not less) like themselves in their role. This module metabolizes the dis-ease of emotional exhaustion into emotional vitality through stoking: Soul Health: Body Trust Mindfulness: Breath Awareness SEL: Self-Awareness Resonance: Self-Awareness


Transforming Time Stress

Managing your energy; not time

Time stress is the number one stressor for caregivers in relationship-based professions. When we feel time-starved as caregivers, we innocently fall into the energetic trap of over-doing or doing more faster. In this module, we explore the illusive phenomenon of time stress by focusing our attention on what we can control at any moment in time - our energy. You will learn how to re-fine your relationship to this core trigger by discovering how to strategically create the "slow in the fast" of your caregiving. This module metabolizes the dis-ease of low self-efficacy into self-confidence through stoking: Soul Health: Self-Authority Mindfulness: Mind Awareness SEL: Self-Management Resonance: Integrity


Soul Buoys 

The science of hope and joy

Core to care-giving is joy and hope. If the spaces we create and hold for those in our care are not imbued with joy and hope, we know it, and they feel it. As caregivers in relationship-based callings, we must intentionally direct our attention to magnifying the good while we manage the stress. In this module, caregivers will learn how to strategically stoke hope and joy as soul buoys that lift one's spirit up when the compression of the stress of the profession pushes down. This module metabolizes the dis-ease of depersonalization into self-revitalization through stoking: Soul Health: Self-Trust Mindfulness: Emotional Awareness SEL: Responsible Decision Making Resonance: Truth Telling


Detoxing Toxic Stress Stress as the source of strength and resilience

Stress is an interesting phenomenon. Some stress is good; some stress is never good. Some stress comes from internal reactions we can control; some stress comes from outside influences we have no control over. Every caregiver experiences different stressors differently. In this module, caregivers gain critical awareness of the stress spectrum (how some stressors are tolerable, some trigger positive growth, while some trigger a trauma response in the body), the 8 primary stressors that all caregivers face in a relationship-based profession, how and why their mind, body, and soul (the Soul Distillation System) reads and then either reacts or responds to different stressors, and most importantly, how to metabolize the 8 different stressors of care-based callings in such a way to fuel mental healthy, emotional expression, and self-confidence. This module is designed to metabolize the dis-ease of low self-efficacy into self-confidence through stoking: Soul Health: Self-Authority Mindfulness: Perceptual Awareness SEL: Self-Management Resonance: Unconditional Positive Regard


Soothing Soul Trauma Shedding layers of shame with the medicine of self-compassion

Our internal self-talk has the power to either positively or negatively impact our perspective, mood, self-esteem, stress levels, physical body, and our relationships. We know from the science of molecular biology, that the cells in our bodies are listening to the thoughts in our heads. In this module, caregivers will explore the origins of "stress inducing" thought patterns that unconsciously produce shame-based thinking and self-doubt. Caregivers then learn how to turn these fear-based thoughts around through our signature 4 step re-storying practice to produce intuition-based, "stress reducing," soul soothing patterns of thinking that create a foundational belief system rooted in self-awareness, self- confidence, and ones' core values. We will also explore the internal belief system to discover how thoughts, emotions, and actions all work closely together to create your Soul Distillation System. Caregivers explore the top 2 stressors that exacerbate shame and self-doubt, and we use the science of self-compassion to shed layers of shame that depress agency, confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. This training topic metabolizes the dis-ease of depersonalization into self-revitalization through stoking: Soul Health: Self-Witnessing Mindfulness: Breath Awareness SEL: Responsible Decision Making Resonance: Truth Telling


The Gentle Power of the Wounded Healer

Post-Traumatic Wisdom and protecting yourself from compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress

The wounded healer is a beautiful and powerful force that is able to connect with others on a deep, emotional level. Wounded healers are people whose painful lived experiences enable them to exude empathy, compassion, humility, and a deep commitment to igniting the spark of hope in others. This capacity to connect deeply with other's is core to our giftedness as caregivers, yet we must learn how to create boundaries with our gifts of empathy and compassion so to not fall prey to compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress. In this module, caregivers explore the wounded healer archetype so to better understand the the origins of their caregiving gifts. Caregivers learn about the process and practices that produce "post-traumatic wisdom" and nurture resilience. For when a caregiver knows how they intentional metabolize pain into wisdom and resilience, they are better able to create space and support those in their care to do the same. This module metabolizes the dis-ease of emotional exhaustion into emotional vitality through stoking: Soul Health: Self-Witnessing Mindfulness: Energy Awareness SEL: Relationship Skills Resonance: Unconditional Positive Regard


Soul Health as the Cornerstone of Social Justice

Soul justice, social justice, and community health

with Dr. Nuhu Sims

No human is exempt from experiencing pain and suffering. Our response- ableness as caregivers is to metabolize and clean our inner reactions, pains, and suffering through self-love and self-compassion to transform stress into energetic fuel that feeds the light of compassion, love, and unconditional positive regard for those in our care. Joining Jen in this module is Dr. Nuhu Sims (Equity Expert). We discuss how one’s burnout prevention practices are liberatory in nature and are both an action of healing and an act of justice. Jen and Nuhu discuss how the process and practices of inner “soul health” and self-liberation from pain, suffering, trauma reactions, and maladaptive believe systems can be mirrored in the external social justice practices that create critical SPACE where the needs of those in their care are witnessed, named, strategically met with great care. This module metabolizes the dis-ease of depersonalization into self-revitalization through stoking: Soul Health: Body Trust Mindfulness: Soul Awareness SEL: Social Awareness Resonance: Perspective Taking


The Light You Cast

Presence, resonance, and your legacy of impact

"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our PRESENCE automatically liberates others." (M. Williamson) All relationships are a sharing of energy and information (Dan Seigel, Interpersonal Neurobiology). The light you cast, your presence, is the foundation of creating and sustaining healthy relationships. In order to best know how to sustain and maintain health relationships outwardly, one must know the core inner processes and practices that produce a healthy relationship with the self. If, as caregivers, we aspire to create and hold space for others to grow, thrive, become, and realize their fullest expression of self, we first need to know and practice this resilience and becoming practice for ourselves. In this session, caregivers engage the 4 core elements for committing to their commitment to maintain balance between investing energy inward to grow and develop as a human and soul while giving their energy outward to those in their care. We will also engage the core parts of the Hero's Journey to illustrate and illuminate a pathway of practices that produce the three core manifestations of Burning Clean: Self-Revitalization Self-Confidence Emotional Expression and Vitality This module metabolizes the dis-ease of low self-efficacy into self-confidence through stoking: Soul Health: Self Trust Mindfulness: Relationship Awareness SEL: Social Awareness Resonance: Integrity

I like how this training is offered in a different professional development model that I am used to. The chunking of the modules is nice because it allows me to engage what I can handle, knowing I can always come back to it.


The videos are intriguing and not overwhelming. They strike a great balance between being inspiring and looking at difficult topics (like stress and trauma) in a way that I do not feel overwhelmed.

Elementary Educator



views of the On-Demand | Self-Paced 
The Light You Cast™ content and yoga videos by educators and educational caregivers.

17,000 + 

hours invested by educators in their mental health, emotional wellness, body health, and soul well-being through the On-Demand | Self-Paced 
The Light You Cast™curriculum

5,500 + 

educators and educational caregivers that have invested in their mind, body, and soul health through 

The Light You Cast™ On-Demand sustained support


Provide caregivers with practices, strategies, and experiences rooted in mindful awareness for the deepening of self-awareness, self-compassion, and emotional resilience so that they can routinely adapt to the stressors of the profession in a functional and flexible way.​

Cultivate the core competencies of soul health, social and emotional intelligence, and embodied equity so to remain calm in chaotic moments, see other's behavior through the lens of compassion and curiosity, and leverage stress as opportunities to condition critical consciousness and secure self-attachment.

Learn how to strategically access one's inner resources of calm, resilience, healing, hope and joy for counteracting the onset and manifestation of burnout and compassion fatigue while increasing one's innate capacity create and hold spaces of resonance for those in their care.

Certificate of Completion

Downloadable PDF Certificate of Completion for 6 Clock Hours

of professional learning for submission to your accrediting body for Continuing Education Credit consideration.

Research Findings

We listened. We learned.
The research of the self-paced, online modules we conducted confirmed that caregivers need and desire extra-special professional development that acknowledges their personhood and inspires them to bring more of their soul into their role.

We learned that caregivers:

Desire a routine of rituals and practices that help them to strategically build their emotional, social, and soul intelligence so to protect themselves from the negative impacts of burnout.

“I strongly believe that our profession is very consuming and if we don't get in a routine and build our tools to take care of our selves we won't do it. Please continue the classes so we can build our resilience to be better teachers.”

Appreciate the self-paced nature of the content so that they could engage the training elements when it best serves them.

“I found the series to be calming, centering, and hopeful. It was really nice to have short modules that I could complete anytime."

Crave top-notch professional learning content and experiences that honor and enrich their time

“The entire project was EXCELLENT! I am usually a play it but don't listen person. Not this time, I actively listened and participated in all the modules.” 

Need body-based restorative practices to heal from and stave off burnout through harmonizing their nervous system

“I was very surprised to like the yoga and how it was integrated. I've tried yoga from time to time in the past and not been a fan, but the way it was described it made sense for why to do it.”

“I like that the yoga was accessible— it was very doable, especially for a novice like me.”

Want professional personal development that strategically guides them on the journey of self-discovery while also learning how to be and become more (not less) of themselves in their professional calling

"These modules were exactly what I needed to find myself again amidst the paperwork, meetings, and planning. These were the best hours spent getting to know myself again.”

“This training really helped me to understand why compassion and joy are my foundation for teaching (and all of life), and why they need to stay my foundation. The training helped me to understand that this is why my students thrive - why we are connected and engaged even in these very difficult times.” 

Desire self-directed professional learning that allow for them to engage in the content to extent in which it best serves their personal needs.

On average, many participants logged over 15 hours on this 4 hour training. This indicates that when given space, time, and strategic well-being support, caregivers re-watched module videos repeatedly to meet their needs. 

Crave professional development that acknowledges and validates the unique stressors of relationship-based callings while inspiring them to know how to work with the stress in a productive and powerful way to stoke their innate strengths and competencies.

“With this past year being the most stressful of my career, I needed to to change my thinking and focus on my own mental health. Through this I realized that I need to be healthy in order to better serve those in my care.” 

Deserve professional development that compassionately and care-fully stokes self-reverence and self-love so they can shine that reverence and love out through equity-based ways of being in relationship to others.

“This training, while it address the very personal needs of avoiding burnout and coping with stress, finds its way into improving our relationships with everyone we encounter on our mission to serve others. Self-love as the cornerstone of racial justice seems simple, cutting edge, and essential all at once." 

The Light You Cast

We customize licenses for

* individuals 

 * cohorts (20 or less) 

 * small groups (75 or less) 

* large groups (76-500) 

* entire organizations/districts (501-1,750 +) 

* multiple organizations in a county or organizational network (1,751 +) 

Coming in September, 2024
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