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Deeper, Targeted Work

Engage The Light You Cast with your peer group where we customize the core content to be specifically designed to meet the unique needs and elements of your specialized role as a caregiver. 

The Light You Cast

Role-Specific Training


In depth workshops tailored to specific organizational roles, delivered in 3-4 in-person sessions, 4 hours each.

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TLYC for Teachers | Educational Caregivers

The Light You Cast™ Curriculum tailored to the needs of those who serve and support students in school. 


TLYC for Leaders

The Light You Cast™

Curriculum geared toward those in management and leadership positions.

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TLYC for School Counselors

The Light You Cast™

Curriculum designed to care for those who are charged with creating spaces of care for students and school staff.


TLYC for Health Caregivers

The Light You Cast™

Curriculum geared toward those in our healthcare system- nurses, physicians, PAs, healthcare administrators.


TLYC for Public Health

The Light You Cast™ Curriculum designed for the care and healing of those who are themselves on front lines of caring for their communities.

The Light You Cast

Special Topics Series


In depth workshops on specific, relevant topics, delivered in 3-4 in-person sessions, 4 hours each.


TYLC Soul and Social Justice

A partnership between Dr. Jen and Dr. Nuhu Sims [Equity Director of Brooklyn Center Community Schools]. this series help participants build the wellbeing foundations necessary for deep equity work.


TYLC & Move Mindfully Series

A synergy of The Light You Cast™ and Move Mindfully®, this in-person training supports the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of both teachers and their students.

The Light You Cast


Soul CirclesTM

The Light You Cast™ Soul Circles are 60-90 minute, on-site, community practice circles are a perfect way to foster a safe (and sustained) place of mutual support and wellbeing for your caregivers.

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On-site, Community Support Groups

 TLYC Soul Circles are designed to complement any in-person trainings and/or the online, self-paced curriculum being engaged at your organizational site where caregivers gather to practice the core principles and practices of the Light You Cast together.


Jen can facilitate these for your group, or you or a team of individuals at your site can learn how to become a Soul Circle Fire KeeperTM though our train-the-trainer program.

Book a Free Consultation

Schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 with Dr. Jen to learn more about how we can undo burnout and reignite compassion and hope yourself, your team, or your organization.

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