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Dr. Jen Clifden

Be Energized by Your Impact

The Light You Cast

We know that the best predictor of the quality of our mental and emotional health as caregivers is the quality of our relational health. Those who are called to relationship-based professions like teaching, leading, social work, health care, public health, and counseling care a lot for those in their care. It is in and through healthy relationships that caregivers and those in their care heal, grow, build resilience, and thrive.


Because caregivers care from the core of who they are, they are at a higher risk for experiencing the energetic and emotional exhaustion cycle that manifests as protective states of burnout, compassion fatigue, and moral injury. Burnout only impacts those who are burning, and it silently and insidiously corrodes the relational health of the caregiver. 

The Light You Cast™ in-person and online experiences create a safe space for caregivers to explore and engage our signature Burn Clean process. We can strategically stoke a positive energy cycle that generates stable and sustainable relational health through one's care-based calling 

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We do this by illuminating a systematic pathway of perspectives, practices, and processes for metabolizing the stress inherent in relationship-based callings in a way that redirects energy away from feeding burnout into fuel that grows a caregiver's greatest relational health capacities (compassion, unconditional positive regard, and enthusiasm) and helps them become more (not less) of themselves while they serve others. 

Serving Those Who Serve Others

The Light You Cast
The Light You Cast

I serve those in care-based professions who seek to

UNDO BURNOUT and nurture RELATIONAL HEALTH so to bring more of their SOUL into their role, including:


Education | Public Health | Healthcare | Organizations | Social Work


Hours of caregiver
engagement in
The Light You Cast
curriculum and trainings to date

"There's no doubt in my mind that we've had healthier educators working with our students, which really impacts the overall student experience, and also helps those employees."
- District Curriculum Director
In the Spring of 2022, I almost left the profession. This training helped launch me into a healthier school year of setting firm boundaries that created more balance for me. It allowed me to fight for positive perspectives and an inner peace throughout my day-to-day.
This job will forever be difficult, but I can change the way I interact with it by practicing gratitude and mindfulness throughout each workday.

School Counselor

Where to Start

The Light You Cast

The Light You Cast™ curriculum is designed to suit the varying needs of organizations, institutions, and individuals. Start with a single talk or workshop, deepen your learning with more immersive, targeted programs, and sustain & broaden individual or organizational impact with our signature online course.


Introductory Options
(in person or online)

Self-Paced & Sustaining
(on-demand, online)

Deeper, Multi-Session Work
(in person)

Includes single keynote, booster sessions, half-day, full day professional development sessions, and/or in-person yoga/mindful movement classes for your entire organization or staff.

The entire (8) module signature Light You Cast™ curriculum fully online and self-paced can be licensed for just you or your entire organization or staff either on its own or to deepen and extend any in-person offerings

Includes more targeted, multi-session systematic development trainings for specific groups, roles, and cohorts. Also includes a "train the trainer" course for site-sustained burnout prevention cohorts of practice.

Book a Free Consultation


Schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 with Dr. Jen to learn more about how we can undo burnout and reignite sustainable energy in yourself, your team, or your organization.


For me, healing from and preventing burnout and compassion fatigue is both professional and deeply personal...


As a former elementary reading interventionist and middle school reading teacher, I remember assuming that feeling burnt out meant I was a good teacher. I had little to no awareness about the phenomenon of burnout, so I just assumed that I was the only one who was incapable of coping. Worse yet, I blamed my high-sensitivity to other people's energy as the reason for my inability to cope. For a long time, I thought I was wired wrong and that was the reason I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and burnt out as a teacher.

Then reality forced me to face the depths of burnout to an extent I was definitely not prepared for. I became a mother to three infants in the span of 17 months. 

Burnout and compassion fatigue set in hard, and it set in fast as a mom. I had never felt a caregiving force like I felt caring for my children, so before I even knew what hit me, I was mothering from stage three burnout and coping with postpartum depression (PPD) while attempting to care for three infants.


Burnout disabled my capacity to care for my three girls and myself.

It negatively impaired my ability to create healthy attachment bonds with my babies, and I fell into a self-neglect spiral that atrophied my relationship to myself. 

Every day, I felt less and less like myself. The less I felt like myself, the more I felt guilt, shame, anxiety, and fear about not being a good caregiver to my own children. 


Then one sunny morning at 7am (with no sleep the night before because twin babies don't always sleep at exactly the same time), I broke. All I had the energy to think was...

There is no way out of this. No one is coming to save me.

Dr. Jen Clifden
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